Explosion-proof, zero leak, simple operation
Idling capability£¬Self suction£¬ No complex control
Can transmit the adhesive liquid and large particles
low shearing£¬Not easy to destroy material structure
Diversity of material£¬no rotating parts£¬applicable to various erosive situations
By changing the air supply to adjust the flow delivery
By changing the air pressure to adjust the pump lift
Once over-loading £¬the pump will automatically stop
No mechanical seal, easy maintenance, low cost£¬
Modularization of main valve and air motor. No broken, easy to disassemble and repair.

 Max. Suction Lift 
 Suction height changes with the different combinations of ball, seat and the diaphragm materials.

dry 5m
wet 8m

 Max. particle diamete


 suction and discharge size

3/2in /Npt/F

 Air inlet size


 Max. flow rate

358 l/min

 Max. head


 Max. air inlet pressure


 Max. air consumption


 Main body material

PP Acetal PVDF

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