Our company invites the country people from all walks of life agent to join to create a win-win situation.
1 、The agent should have the basic conditions:
( 1 )Have a certain economic strength and business credit, and valves sales experience.
( 2 )Has a good sales channels and ways, has certain market marketing ability, can take on a regional marketing tasks;
( 3 )Accept the authorization of party a and party a to strictly abide by the relevant agency policies, regulations, in party a designated area exclusive agent of party a's products and services.
2 、The agent shall provide documents:
Agent basic situation description, biography and copies of all other documents (business license, tax registration certificate, bank opens an account licence, valid identity certificate, 2 piece of 1 inch affairs according to documents).
3 、Specific requirements are as follows:


Specific requirements

Eligibility requirements


Effective business license, tax registration certificate, effective organization code certificate, the bank opens an account licence, effective legal person's id card.

Experience in the industry

Good regional distribution capabilities, has covered with regional fitting customer resources (regional require different).


The registered capital of 100000 yuan of above.

Personnel requirements

Chief channel sales class technology and service class

More than one person, must have related working management experience.
Two people above, have or in three months have HaoYang the authentication sales engineer qualification;
Two people above, have the valve product technical support and service experience.

Financial requirements


A good financial situation, no bad business records and debt, shall provide: legally certified public accountants audit the previous year balance sheet, income statement, the cash flow statement.

Business requirements

Order line commitment

Through the corporation unified order management.


After become effective of orders within three working days, distributors to the head office to pay 30% of total amount, in receiving acceptance of 10 working days after payment to the head office in total amount unpaid full payment.

The distributor price response time

See as a way: Six days per week, 8 hours per day full-time HaoYang product technical support telephone, 2 hours telephone response, answer within 24 hours.

Channel management
Basic requirements

In accordance with the requirements of the corporation to actively expand distribution channels, improve HaoYang product brand, and able to distribution channels of standardized management, shall not engage in interregional sales, low raid the market order HaoYang channels in violation of the principle of behavior.

Development and opportunity

In line with the cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win principle, assessment period for 3 months, performance excellent distribution chamber of commerce get all the parts of the incentives, including discount to return some incentive and other promotion incentives, etc., with poor performance companies also have corresponding punishment.