Application of technical knowledge diaphragm


Application of technical knowledge diaphragm:

pneumatic tube-shaped diaphragm

A new diaphragm: pneumatic tube-shaped diaphragm. Such pump several radially arranged axially aligned tubular membrane tubes with metal jacket working chamber, turn to the working chamber with gas, radial push through a dedicated Valve pressure tubular membrane inward deformation volume change formation to transport various liquids. Compared with the existing diaphragm pumps, compact structure, stable and reliable work not only improved, but also the flow and pressure parameters can be significantly improved, can develop into an entirely new family of high-performance independent diaphragm.

Energy diaphragm

The utility model relates to a diaphragm pump having a pump energy flexible working member, particularly a fruit particularly suitable for pump spray pesticides used in the injection, a compression chamber, the diaphragm, the inlet, the intake valve, exhaust port, check valve, air chamber, connecting rod and eccentric components. Since the exhaust port communicating with the air chamber, so that the air pressure in the liquid chamber may obtain a higher output pressure from the high pressure water outlet of the air flow to the high pressure chamber can be better atomized sprayer nozzles. Meanwhile provided with an overflow channel and between the air chamber and the regulator inlet, pressure with the regulator wheel adjustment, ensure that the air chamber pressure is stable at the limit value.
four cylinder forced diaphragm

The new four-cylinder forced diaphragm, four-cylinder piston-type structure, in a cross section perpendicular to the axis of the four-cylinder circumference, 90 ° a uniform distribution, the pressure chamber by the connecting bolt, the chamber cover, connected and fixed to the cover, shaft drive rod, piston, diaphragm, movement of liquid from the inlet pipe into the pump chamber, rotating each of 360 °, each of four pump chamber inlet and a liquid discharge, continuous rotation, obtained by the gas chamber pressure is stabilized after the regulator flow, able to maintain a high pressure, even by force, a small movement friction, compact, easy accessibility, wide application, easy to manufacture, maintenance, plant protection machinery and equipment for the excellent new high-pressure pump.

pneumatic diaphragm pump is a positive displacement pneumatic pump, the right side of the pump-action explanation diagram shows the self-priming pump is not the first time before moving the pump flow mode.
Compressed air through the valve into the back of the diaphragm A, squeeze liquid from the diaphragm chamber. Such air is generally driven manner can avoid mechanical stress of the drive piston, and thus significantly extends the life of the diaphragm. When compressed air is pushed away from the center of the diaphragm A body, diaphragm B while the other end of the central shaft is connected to the central body of the pull, this time, the air patch on the back of the B discharged from the outlet to the pump body. Thus forming a vacuum chamber so that the state B, which can rely on the effect of the atmospheric pressure outside of the fluid from the inlet manifolds push the ball away from the valve seat allowing fluid to freely enter the chamber B until filled.

When the limit of the displacement of the diaphragm by the air A reaches the extrusion, the air will be directed to the air valve B of the rear surface of the diaphragm, and is also formed so that the pressing force to push the body away from the center, while the connecting membrane A back centrosome, then hydraulically driven diaphragm produced by B of the inlet valve ball push back seat, while the outlet valve to push the ball away from the seat so that the fluid can be crushed and discharged from the outlet of the pump body. A diaphragm is pulled back centrosome This action makes A vacuum chamber is formed, which can rely on atmospheric pressure fluid from the inlet manifold to push the ball away from the valve seat and into the A compartment until filled.

When the completion of the movement of the diaphragm, the air valve is again guided to the back of the film A of the air, while the air discharging operation of the film B made​​. In the pump back to the original starting state, the two diaphragm pumps within each completed a process of air emissions or fluid emissions. This constitutes one cycle of pumping. Depending on usage, circulation pump through several complete pumping action to achieve self-priming pump leaving the state.