Shanghai HaoYang valve co., LTD. Product quality guarantee

The respect of Shanghai HaoYang valve users:

Shanghai HaoYang valve series products, advanced technology, stable quality, accord with many national standard. In order to make you be at ease use products, the company adhere to the quality, reputation on commitment: the company's products in the correct installation and use cases such as occurrence quality problem, the company will perform consistent commitment, implement quality three guarantees, namely: the guaranteed repair, replacement, specific handset.

The company will be based on the current, look to the future, in order to network management, scientific management, toward a new, higher direction steadily expand!

Shanghai HaoYang valve is your the best choice!

This letter of guarantee is only for Shanghai HaoYang valve co., LTD., the sales of products.
Second, the product of our company practice quality three guarantees, namely: the guaranteed repair, replacement, specific handset.
Third, the guaranteed repair services include: warranty belongs to the warranty range of free maintenance, more than warranty period or in guarantee period but do not belong to the scope of the warranty maintenance fee.
Four, warranty period to client as of the date of acceptance for a period of 12 months. The goods shipped to the customer after the party, the customer must be in seven working days to do product acceptance, in half a month without objection, the supplier apparent are all qualified products.
Five, the warranty scope: in the guarantee period, the product due to production quality, the last maintenance quality causes of fault range.
Six, have the following one person, do not belong to the free warranty scope:

1、Product more than warranty period;

2、Improper installation or use is caused by improper operation machine damage (no water running, corrosion, foreign bodies, intrusion etc.);

3、Man-made destruction;

4、The company by the designated special WeiXiuShang disassembly and maintenance of the products;

5、Failure by natural disasters caused by force majeure.

Seven, the guarantee of the modification and explain ownership Shanghai HaoYang valve co., LTD. All.